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Managing Director, Environment and Natural Resources Greg Minnick

Greg Minnick is a natural resources and environmental management and forestry specialist with more than 40 years of experience across a broad range of ecological zones, from the Sahel in Western Africa to the humid tropics and high Andean regions in Latin America. He has worked in forest management with community and indigenous groups and the private sector, on compliance with USAID and national environmental regulations, on artisanal and small gold mining issues, nature-base solutions to climate change and biodiversity conservation to bring the benefits of REDD+, sustainable rural development and environmental services to local forest stewards. Across his work, Greg has promoted adoption of innovative market-led, practical approaches, enabling policy and legal frameworks, and leveraging of public, private and community partnerships.

by Greg Minnick

All Hands on Deck: Furthering Youth Engagement in Climate Mitigation

In celebration of International Youth Day, Chemonics calls on the global development community to amplify youth voices and embrace them as an integral part of fighting the climate crisis. At Chemonics, we believe that empowering young people to improve the structures around them catalyzes positive, more inclusive outcomes for youth and their communities. Young people will suffer the…

Formalization of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Colombia: A Proposal for Improving Environmental, Social, and Economic Performance in a Post-Conflict Scenario

To enable Colombian ASGM operators to transition to formality, a recommendation emerged for a National Unified Formalization Plan, which rests on six proposals that largely align with current policy and legislation.