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Addressing Women’s Leadership in the Health and Social Service Sectors .

Technical Brief | May 3, 2022

A document titled "Addressing Women’s Leadership in the Health and Social Service Sectors." Includes images of healthcare and social workers working with clients.

This brief compares trends from the three studies to help inform policies and interventions that support women’s career advancement to leadership and decision-making positions.

Women comprise 70 percent of health and social care workers globally and contribute US$3 trillion annually to global health, half in the form of unpaid care work. Evidence suggests linkages between women’s leadership in health and a more responsive health system with more equitable health outcomes. Despite the evidence, women are woefully underrepresented in leadership positions. Gender dynamics in the health workforce are underexplored, leading to missed opportunities in leadership and governance.

Through this technical brief, the HRH2030 program presents the lessons learned about strategies to increase women’s leadership in the health and care sector based on research conducted in Jordan, Senegal, and Madagascar.