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Director Dr. Jennifer Swift-Morgan

Jennifer Swift-Morgan is an education and governance expert with over 15 years of experience designing, managing, and evaluating innovative projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Her technical expertise includes early grade reading development, community engagement in learning, politically-savvy democracy and governance programming, and assets-based strategic planning. Dr. Swift-Morgan has previously worked for aid agency and non-governmental organizations including USAID, KfW Development Bank, Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Education Development Center and National Democratic Institute. Based in the West and Central Africa and Haiti region, Dr. Swift-Morgan serves as technical director of USAID’s All Children Reading project in Senegal and is working to advance the learning agenda of Chemonics’ Education Practice. She also co-leads the Democracy and Governance Practice’s initiative on thinking and working politically. Dr. Swift-Morgan holds a doctorate in international education policy from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College and is fluent in French and Pulaar.

Blog Posts by Dr. Jennifer Swift-Morgan

Politics Matter: How Implementers Can Do Development Differently

It makes intuitive sense at many levels: power and politics matter. We know this to be true in our own hometowns, organizations, or governments: different formal and informal alliances, power imbalances, and motivators — stemming from kinship or affinity, party politics, economic interests, cultural ties, race and gender relations, and other informal systems — determine…

Making Schools Safe Across the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Overheard at a recent workshop: “Girls who are having sex with their teachers need to be coached to make better choices.” A debate ensued. Do they? Is that really a choice they are making? Or is it the teachers who need to change their behavior, school administration that needs to be part of the solution,…