Chemonics partners with Gallaudet University to prepare students to work in collaboration with deaf communities and people with disabilities.

Chemonics partners with Gallaudet University’s International Development Master of Arts Degree (IDMA) Program to provide Gallaudet students with professional development opportunities. The IDMA Program prepares Gallaudet students to work in collaboration with deaf communities and people with disabilities on a broad range of international development and social change activities. The program requires two internship placements: a part-time practicum based in Washington, D.C. and a semester long international internship. To help students complete these requirements, Chemonics has hosted a student field placement on the USAID-funded Uganda Youth-Led Activity (YLA) project in support of St. Anthony’s School for the Deaf in Uganda, as well as student placements in its D.C. headquarters. These placements offer students exposure to the international development field, while strengthening Chemonics’ capacity to promote opportunities for all in its headquarters and inclusive development in project offices across the globe.

Nichelle Steffen, a former Uganda YLA inclusive development intern from Gallaudet University, recorded the video below for a YouthPower2: Learning and Evaluation (YP2LE) webinar. since she was unable to join the webinar when it was live on Tuesday. She is communicating in ASL and provided her own voice over and captioning.