At Chemonics, we analyze the roles, rights, and responsibilities of men and women  in all their diversity with an intersectional lens, and identify barriers and opportunities to advance gender equality. Our programs are tailored according to power dynamics and gender norms that affect how individuals experience development issues differently.

Deeply rooted cultural and historical practices create systemic inequities that disproportionately disadvantage women and girls. We recognize that within these contexts, women’s experiences and opportunities are not homogenous. We seek to understand the intersection of identities that lead to women’s underrepresentation in select sectors and leadership roles and affect access to other opportunities. We facilitate community-led activities to increase women’s access to skills and resources to participate fully in society. We address legal, regulatory, and cultural enabling environments that impact equality and empower women through targeted political, economic, and social activities across all sectors. We engage with men and boys to be advocates for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Chemonics endorses the Minimum Standards for Mainstreaming Gender Equality.