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Deputy Chief of Party, Colombia Justice for Sustainable Piece Project Cecilia Barraza

Cecilia Barraza is a Colombian GBV expert with 27 years of experience designing and implementing public policies to advance gender equity, improve access to justice, and reduce GBV. She currently serves as deputy chief of party on the USAID/Colombia Justice for Sustainable Peace project. Cecilia has served as an advisor on the Presidential Council for Women’s Equity where she designed and implemented a national public policy to advance gender equity and as executive director for Corporación Humanas where she helped position the organization to be a leader in human rights and gender equity in Colombia. She also teaches post-graduate courses on human rights, immigration, and gender, and economic empowerment at the Universidad Santo Tomas in Bogotá. Cecilia has an M.A. in political science from the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales in Ecuador and a B.A. in education, geography, and history from the University of Santiago, Chile.

by Cecilia Barraza

3 Questions with Cecilia Barraza on Leveraging Mobile Apps for Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response During COVID-19

Colombia, like other countries, implemented stay-at-home measures and restricted certain social services to limit the spread of COVID-19 beginning in mid-March 2020. Women and girls have disproportionately faced increased risks of experiencing gender-based violence (GBV) due to the socioeconomic fallout, and women in Colombia often lack consistent and reliable pathways to report violence. In response,…