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Enhancing Stability in Somalia .

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Support to Four State Assemblies in Somalia

Project Dates: August 2018 - September 2020
Somalia’s state assemblies must work in tandem with local and international actors to strengthen government capacity and promote a more peaceful, stable Somalia.

Somalia has suffered decades of conflict and weak transitional governments, triggered by the collapse of its central government in 1991. These conditions undermine government accountability and hinder trust in state authorities. Since 2012, Somalia has made some progress toward overcoming these challenges, but without local accountability and strong legislative processes, stability remains a distant reality.

The Support to Four State Assemblies (SFSA) project, funded by the Somalia Stability Fund, worked alongside the state assemblies of Jubaland, South West State, Hirshabelle, and Galmudug to strengthen government capacity. SFSA improved the four states’ legislative processes, increased citizens’ oversight of the executive branch, strengthened relations between members of parliament and constituents, and established effective secretariats. By restoring trust in the government and placing local ownership first, the project strived for a peaceful, stable Somalia.


MPs and legislative staff trained in Rules of Procedure


women MPs attended regional, national and international conferences/events


key legislative oversight actions taken with project support

Project Goals

  • Manage an inclusive legislative process that engages citizens through public hearings and other mechanisms
  • Activate basic oversight practices that encourage citizen feedback on government effectiveness and service delivery
  • Build sustainable links between members of parliament and citizens
  • Provide legislative, administrative, and operational support through an effective secretariat
  • Strengthen leadership opportunities for female members of parliament