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Chief of Party | Board Member Doina Nistor

Doina Nistor is an enterprise development and competitiveness professional with more than 15 years of relevant consulting, management, and economic development experience. As the chief of party of the USAID Moldova Competitiveness Project, she develops and leads flagship initiatives in the industries of wine, tourism, fashion and manufacturing, information and communications technology and creative services. Doina also served as the chief of party of the USAID Moldova Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development II Project. She is the founder and former Chairwoman of NGO Business Advisory Services, leading rural economic development initiatives; supporting the development of various industries in Moldova through business advice on strategic planning, operational efficiency, financial management and third-party finance. Additionally, she has experience with the donor community, serving as the mortgage-lending task manager for the USAID-funded Mortgage Lending Program, developing a strategy for credit guarantee schemes in Moldova for the World Bank, and conducting numerous assessments for donor agencies.

by Doina Nistor

Building the Tech Workforce through Private Sector Engagement

Many countries find themselves facing “brain drain” — mass exodus of bright young minds seeking greater opportunities for employment abroad. In the small European country Moldova, for instance, one third of the population has left to find living wages elsewhere. Fortunately, engaging the private sector in technology-related workforce development projects offers a sustainable, market-based solution.…

3 Questions with Doina Nistor About Building Transformational Partnerships

Q: CEED had success using USAID’s Global Development Alliance (GDA) model in Moldova’s information technology (IT) sector. Can you describe the transformational partnership you formed with Microsoft and IBM, and the impact you expect it to have on the local IT sector? We engaged in an innovative partnership with Microsoft and IBM to create an…