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Chemonics’ Youth Development Philosophy .

Technical Brief | August 31, 2019

This technical brief provides an overview on how Chemonics shows that they are committed to supporting and implementing innovation solutions for youth across multiple sectors.

To strengthen their impact, Chemonics relies on a set of cornerstones to anchor their approach to youth development around the world. The cornerstones of our approach run in tandem with USAID’s “Youth in Development Policy”3 and Positive Youth Development. Both a philosophy and an approach, Positive Youth Development ensures that youth — along with their families, communities, and governments — are engaged and empowered to reach their full potential. USAID’s 2012 “Youth in Development Policy” defines best and promising practices for youth development and engagement, with two objectives. First, to strengthen youth programming, participation, and partnership in support of USAID’s development objectives. And second, to mainstream and integrate youth issues and engage young people across initiatives and operations.