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Best of the Blog 2019

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This was a big year for private sector engagement, with nearly half of our most popular posts exploring its importance to the future of development. Check out those posts and other key insights, profiles, and technical approaches from Chemonics in 2019.

Check out our countdown of the 10 most popular blog posts from 2019!

10. To Respond to the Venezuelan Migration Crisis, Let’s Also Tap the Private Sector

By Ariana Szepesi-Colmenares
As Venezuelan migrants navigate challenges in host countries, the private sector must play an active role in maximizing their economic opportunities.

9. Development Works Here with Dzenita Kolja

By Dzenita Kolja
Dzenita serves as managing director of the Audit Preparedness Unit within Chemonics’ Global Health Supply Chain Office. Once an aid beneficiary herself, she shares her development journey from Bosnia to the U.S. and what draws her to this work. Dzenita is one reason #DevelopmentWorksHere.

8. 3 Questions with Roula Moussa on Private Sector Engagement in Lebanon

By Roula Moussa and Christy Sisko
After pitching and scaling a digital platform, Roula Moussa, CEO of Netways, shares insights on how the development community can better engage the private sector.

7. 3 Questions with Jennifer Swift-Morgan on Supporting Cameroonian Scholars

By Jennifer Swift-Morgan
Jennifer Swift-Morgan discusses her upcoming stint as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar in Yaoundé, Cameroon and her desire to help prepare the country’s young academics, policymakers, program managers and social entrepreneurs to lead Cameroon’s sustainable development.

6. Building the Tech Workforce through Private Sector Engagement

By Doina Nistor and Eileen Hoffman
In Moldova, the “golden triangle” of collaboration among industry, government, and academia is transforming the technology sector. Here’s the recipe for success from the Moldova Competitiveness Project.

5. To Build a Culture of Data Visualization — Celebrate!

By Chris Gegenheimer
Data visualization isn’t only for ‘vizards’ or data pros. Chris Gegenheimer shares how we can all celebrate data; we simply need to build a culture around it.

4. Applying the Principles for the Digital Development to Real-World Challenges

By Hillary Eason and Robert Lord-Biggers
The Principles for Digital Development can guide our approach to technology by helping us ask the right questions. Hillary Eason, Ehsanullah Hassani, and Robert Lord-Biggers highlight their application of the principles while tackling an MIS project in Afghanistan.

3. Development Works Here with Razan Quossous

By Razan Quossous
Razan is an economic growth expert with 20 years of experience, including private sector development and increasing access to finance. Now the business enabling environment component leader for a tourism project in Jordan, Razan shares her insights on how development work can spur economic growth to improve lives. Razan is one reason #DevelopmentWorksHere.

2. Using Civic Justice to Disrupt Cycles of Violence: Lessons Learned from Mexico

By José Lobo and Molly Burns
By addressing root causes, civic justice can prevent violence before it escalates. In Mexico, several municipalities are turning to this model to promote lawfulness, build trust, and counter violence.

1. 3 Questions with Jeff Wuorinen on Chemonics’ Entry into the U.K. Development Community

By Jeff Wuorinen
As Chemonics launches its new U.K. Division, Senior Vice President Jeff Wuorinen shares our goals, values, and approach to partnerships.

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