The Directorate of Health Services Organization is the technical entity within the Ministry of Health responsible for laboratory and medical equipment. Due to a shortage of trained biomedical technicians who can oversee equipment management and maintenance, Haiti has been relying on representatives of foreign companies to perform these services. Recognizing the need to develop local capacity in routine equipment maintenance, the GHSC-TA Francophone TO developed training modules for laboratory and medical equipment maintenance and conducted theoretical and practical lessons for 21 Ministry of Health biomedical technicians. All participating biomedical technicians were tested pre- and post-training, and the majority demonstrated significant improvement in their knowledge and skills.

Ms. Patricia Rouzier, GHSC-TA Francophone TO specialist, teaching a course on laboratory equipment maintenance to Haitian biomedical technicians.

Gerda Brizé Delva, a biomedical technician from l’Hopital d’Arcachon in Port-au-Prince, is one of the beneficiaries of this activity. “I was really impressed with the training on the maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment. I learned a lot of new things and got to know about some machines that I did not know anything about. It was really rewarding, especially learning about the maintenance and repair of some of the medical equipment in our hospitals. These two courses that I have participated in so far with the GHSC-TA Francophone TO are a real success! There are a lot of things I did not know at all, especially at the laboratory equipment level. Now I feel much more competent and more motivated than ever.”

Ms. Delva and her colleagues from the Ministry of Health will not be leading one-off repairs; instead, they will be part of a sustainable management system responsible for conducting training sessions at the central level and at health centers, installing new equipment, and disposing of obsolete items.

With robust documentation of its laboratory and medical equipment and a clear plan for maintaining the equipment, Haiti’s public health sector is taking great strides toward establishing an effective, organized, and sustainable biomedical maintenance program. This will ensure ongoing delivery of high-quality laboratory and medical services needed to improve the health of Haitian citizens.