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News: Chemonics Partners with Devex for #DataDriven Campaign

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During the Devex Data Driven campaign this July, Chemonics will join partners to explore how data can be used to address development challenges around the world.

By creating new channels to collect, distribute, visualize, and understand information, the “data revolution” is transforming sustainable development efforts across sectors and among stakeholders. To share perspectives on the role of data in global development, Devex is hosting the Data Driven campaign. Starting on July 11, the Data Driven will lead weekly conversations that explore data from a variety of standpoints, including technology, gender equality, civic engagement, and public-private partnerships. Chemonics is proud to join Broadreach, Agence Francaise de Developpement, and Johnson and Johnson as co-sponsors of the campaign.

“Data provides an enormous opportunity not only to measure results and understand lessons learned, but also to shape dynamic solutions to the world’s toughest development challenges,” says Chemonics Executive Vice President Eric Reading. “We’re excited to participate in this important conversation about how we can make data more accessible and valuable to the global development community.”

With data, the global development community can better understand challenges, opportunities to scale, inequality, and how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. From our technical experts in monitoring and evaluation to our graphic designers skilled in data visualization, we look forward to participating in this broader conversation on data for development. As part of the campaign, Chemonics will contribute op-eds, expert commentaries, stories, and video interviews that capture the impact and future of the data revolution.

The conversation is also hosted on social media. Through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the Data Driven campaign will interact with participants and partners around the world. Together, we will examine where the data revolution is headed, how data can improve service delivery for government and businesses alike, how data can help close the gender parity gap, and more.

Take a look at the Data Driven website during the next several weeks to see the latest stories, videos, and commentaries about the campaign. You can also follow the online conversation using the hashtag #DataDriven.