Strengthening Human Rights in Colombia.

Human Rights Activity (HRA)

Project Dates: April 2016 - April 2019
To keep the peace following its 52-year armed conflict, Colombia must protect vulnerable populations’ human rights and prevent human rights violations from recurring.

Despite gains made through prior USAID initiatives, Colombia still faces challenges in securing ongoing respect and protection for human rights. Vulnerable populations generally lack knowledge of protection mechanisms and of government efforts to prevent and respond to human rights violations. USAID’s Human Rights Activity (HRA) uses a three-pronged strategy — promote a culture of human rights; prevent violations of human rights; and respond adequately and effectively to human rights violations when they occur — to respond to a history of human rights violations in Colombia. HRA works with local organizations and government officials to promote human rights and peace and to protect vulnerable people, who have been disproportionately affected by conflict in Colombia. Working at the national and regional levels, the project aims to foster respect and national awareness of human rights issues. HRA uses a holistic approach to human rights protection to address the spectrum from prevention to response. The program works to strengthen the government’s capacity to analyze risk, develop effective prevention mechanisms, and comply with legal responsibilities related to human rights.

Project Goals

  • Increase governmental institutional capacity to implement human rights policies locally
  • Strengthen understanding and respect for human rights by the Colombian government, civil society representatives, and the general public (particularly vulnerable populations)
  • Increase civil society capacity to monitor state institutions and conduct advocacy and awareness-raising to promote human rights
  • Develop self-protection systems, measures, and strategies for at-risk populations