Paving the Way for Women in Government .

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Promote: Women in Government Project

Project Dates: April 2015 - June 2020
Historically, women have been extremely underrepresented in the Afghan government, and as a result, they have had limited ability to shape policies and programs that directly affect them.

Afghan women face a number of obstacles to working in the government, including widely held beliefs that women should stay at home and out of public workspaces. To counter these views, the USAID Promote: Women in Government project focused on increasing women’s participation in decision-making roles in Afghanistan’s government. One-year internship programs for female high school and university graduates helped women obtain government jobs. The project also worked with government ministries to assess human resource policies and recommend changes that provided a better working environment for women. Additionally, the project increased local community support for women working in government through innovative nationwide communications campaigns.


interns graduated from internship program


intern graduates employed


legal instruments drafted, proposed, and adopted

Project Goals

  • Train and provide hands-on experience to 3,000 female high school and university graduates to promote their entry into the government workforce
  • Partner with ministries to assess and improve human resource policies that cultivate a more hospitable working environment for women in government
  • Conduct innovative communications campaigns to encourage changes in perception and acceptance of women working in the Afghan Civil Service