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Scaling Up Early Grade Reading in Senegal .

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Lecture Pour Tous

Project Dates: October 2016 - December 2021
After increasing access to education, Senegal is turning its attention to ensuring that all children learn to read in the early grades.

Over the last two decades, Senegal has made notable progress toward increasing the number of children who enroll in and complete primary school. Now, the government is pursuing nationwide reform to ensure the quality of classroom instruction is high and inspire families and communities to become involved in helping children learn. USAID/Lecture Pour Tous supported the Senegalese government’s efforts to boost early-grade reading, particularly through its national reading program. The program introduced practices, such as the use of mother-tongue instruction and communications that promoted social and behavioral change, to encourage families and communities to become more involved in their children’s education. Drawing from local research, USAID/Lecture Pour Tous developed a strong policy framework to increase and sustain long-term student reading outcomes.


students reached


primary schools with improved reading instruction

0.3% to 30%

increase in second graders reading with fluency and comprehension

Project Goals

  • Improve student literacy skills so at least 70 percent of second-grade students in target schools can read material designated for students at their grade level
  • Provide evidence-based books and learning materials to students in public and daara Koranic schools
  • Support comprehensive, professional development for teachers through training, coaching, and supervision
  • Strengthen the support students receive from family and other community members as they learn to read
  • Improve policies and systems to scale up and sustain quality reading instruction, materials, and community engagement
Teacher in Senegal speaking to her students in a classroom.

Learning at Scale: Strategies and Evidence for Instructional Support

Chemonics' Senior Education and Governance Advisor Dr. Jennifer Swift-Morgan shares findings from the USAID-funded Lecture Pour Tous project on improving learning at scale for children in Senegal.

Image of several children sitting at school desks in a classroom. In the foreground, two children are reading a workbook together.

USAID/Senegal’s COVID-19 Response: Lecture Pour Tous

USAID’s Lecture Pour Tous activity helped Senegalese children continue reading during school closures due to COVID-19. Reading programs were broadcast on radio and television, encouraging parents to read with their children.

teacher in front of blackboard

Helping All Children Read in Senegal

Since 2016, USAID has supported Senegal to implement a national early reading program using three national languages. This video showcases one classroom, highlighting the positive impact the Lecture Pour Tous program has achieved.

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