Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) Project

Project Dates: November 2011 - November 2016
Because the strength of Indonesia’s education system is vital to its economic and social growth, the Indonesian government has focused on improving the country’s institutions of higher education.

In Indonesia, significant public and private resources are invested in education each year, and nearly 3,000 institutions of higher education serve more than four million students. Collaborating with the Indonesian government, the USAID Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) project strengthened the capacity of these institutions in the areas of general administration and management, financial management, and quality assurance. Through 13 partnerships between the United States and Indonesia, HELM addressed regional, national, and local development needs in higher education. Additionally, the program created four networks to enhance collaboration between institutions of higher education across Indonesia and, in turn, improve their innovation, leadership, and management. HELM also achieved reforms that led to new accreditation ratings, new programs for underserved students, and the creation of a legal entity to promote women’s leadership in higher education.