Managing the Budget and Increasing Revenue .

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Afghanistan Public Financial Management Project

Project Dates: July 2015 - December 2017
To reduce dependence on international aid, Afghanistan is working to strengthen its economy and mobilize domestic revenue to continue to make progress.

The USAID Afghanistan Public Financial Management project aimed to improve the government of Afghanistan’s ability to manage its long-term revenue generation and spending, taxes, and other domestic financial activities. This project’s success depended on ensuring that the Afghan government maintains its ability to deliver essential services to citizens and its ability to repay loans. To achieve this, the project worked with the government to improve management of its budget and to increase the flow of taxes and other income into government treasuries.


district municipality budgets analyzed and finalized


ministries, department, and agencies trained on improved processes to identify and collect non-tax revenue


increase in national economic revenue in two years

Project Goals

  • Improve the government’s ability to mobilize and capture domestic revenue
  • Strengthen financial managements systems and the capacity to formulate, plan, and execute budgets
  • Train national and subnational government officials in budget planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting
  • Increase government openness and accountability