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Stronger Book Supply Chains for Honduran Schools .

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Latin America and the Caribbean

Honduras Quality Reading Materials Activity

Project Dates: December 2017 - December 2020
With schools able to access more reading materials through a stronger supply chain, students in Honduras are benefiting from higher-quality education.

Although Honduras has made steady improvements in key education indicators, only 38 percent of students complete sixth-grade reading at grade level. Without access to high-quality books and reading materials, the percentage of students mastering the curriculum remains low across the board. USAID’s Quality Reading Materials Activity (QRMA) aimed to increase the availability of high-quality reading materials for first- to sixth-grade students and teachers in the country. QRMA improved the supply chain for quality reading and managing printing and distribution logistics for teaching and learning materials needed for USAID’s Honduras Reading Activity. By positioning the Ministry of Education and civil society to manage future printing and distribution logistics, QRMA created a sustainable path toward quality education for all Honduran students.

Project Goals

  • Increase availability of high-quality books and reading materials for students in Grades 1 to 6
  • Improve transparency and accountability in Honduras’ book supply chain system