3. What has been the highlight of your development journey so far?

A highlight during my work with the Jordan Local Governance Development Program that personally touched me was when I convinced mayors of small cities in Jordan to present feasibility studies for municipal public-private partnership projects as part of an investment promotion activity to attract investors to their cities. When I began working on the program, the municipal sector — including mayors, local communities, council members, and municipal staff — held a negative perception of private sector engagement. To counter this perception, we raised awareness on such partnerships, trained local governments, and exposed them to international best practices and models that could improve service delivery and facilitate municipal investments. The mayors were convinced by our efforts, and, for the first time in Jordan, they presented feasibility studies that we helped them prepare, including the cash flow analysis and market review findings to investors. This increased investors’ interest because they could see the commitment and political will to support these projects. This was an amazing example of how promoting local ownership and buy-in can spur investment, mobilize resources, and accelerate economic growth!

While working on a business mapping activity in Morocco, women in Marrakesh teach Razan how to extract Argan oil.