A corridor of a vineyard with grapevines on both sides.

Transforming Moldova’s Agriculture Sector .

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Moldova High Value Agriculture Activity (HVAA)

Project Dates: November 2016 - November 2022
Moldova’s agriculture sector has a promising future, but to become more competitive and achieve its full potential, the country needs systematic support.

Moldova is well positioned to develop a strong agriculture sector with a wide international reach. The USAID High Value Agriculture Activity (HVAA) is transforming the country’s high-value agriculture sector into an engine of economic growth. “High-value agriculture” refers to the farming of non-staple crops that have higher net returns, such as berries, table grapes, and honey. By laying the groundwork to make the country a more competitive exporter, the project is creating higher living standards for rural Moldovans and boosting their incomes.

Project Goals

  • Strengthen linkages to domestic, regional, and international markets for high-value crops
  • Improve agricultural practices, from production to post-harvest handling
  • Enable compliance with European and international buyer standards
  • Build the capacity of member-based organizations, including producer groups, industry associations, and water-user associations, to enable them to better serve their members
  • Promote agriculture-friendly policies and build a skilled workforce