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Growing Agribusiness in Uzbekistan .

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Uzbekistan Agribusiness Development Activity

Project Dates: July 2020 - June 2025
Uzbekistan’s agribusinesses depend on stronger market systems.

Uzbekistan’s agriculture sector has embraced diversification, unlocking new markets for its goods. But challenges to stronger agricultural market systems remain, including inconsistency in post-production, a lack of participation by women and youth, and limited educational and policy reforms.

The USAID Agribusiness Development Activity tackles these challenges to boost private sector-led growth in Uzbekistan’s agriculture sector. The activity increases value-added agricultural production and improves agribusiness opportunities and outcomes for women, youth, and vulnerable communities. To stimulate educational reform in the sector, the activity strengthens ties between educational institutions and the private sector in agribusiness, including by designing and implementing curricula, internships, and training sessions and by disseminating and providing research and advisory assistance. Recognizing the importance of policy reform, the activity also facilitates an enabling environment for agribusiness in Uzbekistan through policy development and support for extension services.

Using a market-systems approach, the Agribusiness Development Activity helps Uzbekistan’s agriculture sector flourish by increasing sales, integrating women and youth, and expanding into regional markets and beyond.

Project Goals

  • Increase productivity, sales, exports, income, and investment of agribusiness while creating jobs in the sector
  • Provide interventions to improve outcomes for women, youth, and vulnerable communities
  • Promote research, knowledge sharing, and learning in the agriculture sector
  • Support policies that foster an enabling environment for agribusiness