Competitiveness Enhancement and Economic Development (CEED) II Project

Project Dates: December 2010 - June 2015
Key industries in Moldova, including textiles, information and technology, and wine, have grown more competitive, allowing Moldovan enterprises to better position themselves in markets at home and abroad.

Although apparel, information and technology, wine, home furnishings, and fashion industries in Moldova are stable and capable of growing, they have historically lacked the structured support they need to flourish internationally. The USAID Competitiveness Enhancement and Economic Development (CEED) II project partnered with Moldovan enterprises and the government to support export- and investment-driven growth. Targeting five traditional industries, CEED II used a value chain approach to upgrade their existing marketing and sales skills, improve their productivity, and introduce new technologies to them. Other project activities focused on improving public-private partnerships within Moldova and across the continent.

Prior Initiatives

CEED II follows the first iteration of the Competitiveness Enhancement and Economic Development (CEED) project in Moldova, which ran from 2005 to 2010. In five years, CEED helped 115 companies generate more than $84 million in sales and 3,500 full-time jobs. Additionally, the project increased information and communications technology exports from $24 million to $114 million.