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Final Report: Moldova Competitiveness Project .

Project Report | September 30, 2021

The front page of the final report titled "Moldova Competitiveness Project." Includes an image of several people standing at a table and rolling out dough with rolling pins.

This final report summarizes the achievements of the Moldova Competitiveness Project (MCP), which supported Moldova's efforts to promote a strong, diverse, and export-oriented economy.

From FY 2015-2021, MCP improved competitiveness and efficiency in key Moldovan industries, thereby creating desirable well-paying jobs, reducing emigration, and improving the economic wellbeing of all Moldovans – the cornerstone for advancing a democratic society. MCP helped to advance the competitiveness of four heritage and emerging economic sectors – winegrowing, tourism, apparel and footwear manufacturing, and information technology clustered with engineering and creative services – that collectively account for 12% of GDP and 35% of national exports and are a source of employment and income for nearly 320,000 Moldovans, playing a critical role in the prosperity of the country. This final report summarizes the achievements of the project, and provides an overview of the lessons learned.