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Transforming Economic Governance in Vietnam .

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Strengthening Provincial Capacity Activity

Project Dates: May 2019 - May 2024
Local institutions in Vietnam must be equipped with the resources needed to maximize growth.

In Vietnam, economic growth is transforming urban provinces into hubs of innovation. Meanwhile, rural provinces have yet to catch up. To bridge this gap, local government officials must have the ideas, skills, and resources needed to lead their own economies into the future.

The USAID Strengthening Provincial Capacity activity equips three Vietnamese institutions from the nonprofit, academic, and public sectors with the resources to meet these needs. It improves the capacity development opportunities that these institutions offer to provincial officials, including training events, adult learning courses, and learning summits related to economic governance. In doing so, the institutions help provincial officials develop economic governance skills and work with the private sector. Officials are then able to better implement economic governance reforms, measure the success of their efforts, and build trust with citizens and the private sector — all key elements to unlocking growth.

Project Goals

  • Improve local institutions’ understanding of and responsiveness to local economic governance capacity needs
  • Enhance the design and quality of capacity development opportunities
  • Generate demand and establish revenue streams for capacity development opportunities