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Elevating Security Sector Reform .

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Security Sector Governance

Project Dates: September 2014 - February 2021
The global development community and U.S. government need the right tools, innovations, and proven technical approaches to improve security through security sector reform programs.

Security is essential for sustainable development. The Security Governance Initiative — an interagency initiative composed of multiple U.S. government agencies, including USAID, the National Security Council, and the Departments of State, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security — built the capacity of security sector institutions in Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Tunisia. With more effective, responsive governance in their security sectors, these six critical partner countries will be better able to protect civilians and address threats to integrity and accountability. To support USAID’s role in the Security Governance Initiative, the Security Sector Governance project provided targeted technical assistance to and the analysis of security sector governance, including the rule of law. Security Sector Governance identified and redressed gaps in knowledge of security sector reform by assembling best practices and lessons learned, proven tools and approaches, and best-fit innovations and solutions.

Project Goals

  • Foster a greater appreciation and knowledge of security sector assistance at USAID, in the broader development community, and across the U.S. government
  • Conduct research, produce publications, and convene expert meetings on specific technical or programmatic topics related to security sector reform
  • Employ the U.S. government’s Interagency Security Sector Assessment Framework and other tools to conduct security sector reform assessments
  • Propose, implement, and evaluate pilot programs that improve security sector governance and provide evidence on how good governance is essential for sustainable security sector reform
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Non-State Justice System Programming Training

This training explains how to design, implement, and monitor rule of law programs that include support for community-level non-state justice systems.

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Rule of Law: Designing and Implementing Court Automation Projects

This video is intended to assist USAID Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Officers (DRG) and other practitioners in designing and implementing court automation projects.

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Security Sector Assistance Training

This video explains best practices on how USAID helps shape partner nation’s policies and actions in the security sector to build the capacity and effectiveness of legitimate institutions to provide security and safety for people.

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