Boosting Food and Economic Security in Afghanistan .

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Regional Agricultural Development Program-South (RADP-S)

Project Dates: October 2013 - August 2017
In southern Afghanistan, where farmers and businesses have lagged behind in production and sales, interventions to promote better farming and agribusiness practices strengthen the economy.

More than 80 percent of the people living in southern Afghanistan work in agriculture, and one-third of the region’s gross domestic product comes from the production of crops and livestock. However, in recent years, agricultural productivity has fallen significantly behind neighboring countries — in some cases these numbers are historically low. USAID’s Regional Agricultural Development Program-South (RADP-S) assists agribusinesses, increases job opportunities and incomes in the region, and increases the amount of affordable and nutritious food available to rural Afghans. The project strengthens agricultural value chains — in each stage of production, from farm to market — so farmers can increase production, connect with agribusinesses, and subsequently market their products.


farmers who have applied improved technologies or management practices


firms and civil society organizations who are operating more profitably and efficiently


hectares with increased high value crop production

Project Goals

  • Educate and mentor farmers and agricultural businesses about best practices for increasing crop production and profits
  • Teach women and high school girls about starting and operating agricultural businesses and provide the students with business connections
  • Work with the government to support policies and regulations that will help farmers and private-sector companies to thrive
  • Provide poppy farmers with alternative livelihood options