Sustainable Local Development Project

Project Dates: December 2010 - August 2016
Serbia improved its economy by strengthening local economic administrative processes and by encouraging citizens to participate more actively in economic affairs.

As Serbia progresses down the path to European Union integration, it is vital that the country strengthen its economic growth. USAID’s Sustainable Local Development Project (SLDP) promoted lasting economic growth in Serbia by building the capacity of its municipalities, business advocacy groups, and civil society organizations to engage the public and other stakeholders. SLDP focused on inter-municipal cooperation (IMC), which is an institutional model that promotes smart, sustainable, and inclusive local development. The program used IMC activities as a way to strengthen local economic administrative processes and encourage public and youth participation in deciding local economic issues. Project achievements included improving local governments’ financial and asset management, involving the public more directly in municipal affairs, fostering a more business-friendly environment in Serbia, and working with regional and national agencies to ensure the continuation of IMC programming.