Closing Economic and Community Divides in Pankisi .

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Community Links Activity in Georgia

Project Dates: September 2018 - September 2021
Connecting the people of Georgia’s Pankisi Valley to one another and to neighboring regions will build social cohesion, create economic opportunity, and make the region more resistant to tension.

The Pankisi Valley in Georgia’s Kakheti region is disconnected religiously, geographically, politically, and socially from the rest of Georgia, which makes the mostly Muslim Kist population feel excluded from the country’s mainstream. The USAID Community Links Activity in Georgia forges linkages among people of different age groups and religious affiliations within Pankisi, building social cohesion while addressing drivers of tensions within the valley’s communities. The activity also connects Pankisi’s people, particularly women and youth, to the rest of Georgia through economic and social opportunities.

Project Goals

  • Empower people of different age groups and religions within Pankisi to make decisions that affect their social and economic well-being
  • Bridge the economic divide between Pankisi and the surrounding areas by linking entrepreneurs from the valley with those from outside
  • Enhance civic-mindedness, business skills, and employability by linking Pankisi and non-Pankisi youth