New Economic Opportunities Initiative

Project Dates: April 2011 - December 2015
By focusing on economic development in rural communities, Georgia was able to reduce poverty levels and improve food security for thousands of people.

Many Georgians, especially those living in rural communities, face hunger and poverty. USAID’s New Economic Opportunities (NEO) Initiative tackled this issue by helping individuals living in rural communities and encouraging long-term economic growth in the country. By providing assistance to local governments, businesses, and people in Georgia, NEO successfully raised incomes, reduced poverty levels, and improved food security for more than 80,000 rural households. Through grants and other tools, the initiative promoted community-level economic opportunities and provided key support for vulnerable households and individuals. NEO consisted of four components: local economic planning, rural economic development, assistance to highly vulnerable households and individuals, and long-term housing for internally displaced people. The initiative worked in 10 municipalities in five regions of Georgia.