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A flag of Ukraine made out of blue and yellow lines of binary code.

News: Supporting Private Sector Resilience in Ukraine through Cyber Threat Management

July 16, 2024
2 Minute Read
A $3.75 million collaboration between Flare and Chemonics International is helping to enhance the resilience of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.
Woman tends to plants with USAID logo in the top corner, and winner with the project name in the bottom right corner

News: Moldova Future Technologies Activity Wins 2023 Digital Development Award

June 1, 2024
2 Minute Read
Each year, USAID celebrates projects that use digital technologies to improve development and humanitarian assistance outcomes worldwide. The 2023 awards recognized the Moldova Future Technologies Activity for its innovative support to small and medium enterprises.
Panel of people involved with the Higala launch

Chemonics and Talino Launch New Fintech Solution for the Unbanked in the Philippines

April 29, 2024
3 Minute Read
Higala is a new cutting-edge inclusive instant payment system that will ultimately make digital transactions more accessible and affordable for rural banks and their customers in the Philippines.
A group of individuals sitting around a table and screen, having a meeting.

Chemonics UK awarded a place on all seven High Value Lots of the Global Development Delivery Framework

March 4, 2024
2 Minute Read
The UK Government’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) operates the Global Development Delivery (GDD) Framework as a procurement vehicle for international development services across seven technical fields.
BiH Turizam, Selma and Life with Down Syndrome Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina sign a memorandum of understanding to establish the internship opportunity.

Hiring Interns with Disabilities: Lessons in Inclusion from Development Project Offices

Rachel Chaikof | Ivan Plis
November 30, 2023
5 Minute Read
In honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, learn how two Chemonics project offices took important strides in disability inclusion through internships.
A woman in Uganda shows a receipt for services rendered inside her small business.

Approaches for Building Investment Ecosystems in Africa: Lessons from Three Countries

Marissa Claudia Taylor
November 29, 2023
4 Minute Read
Establishing and cultivating resilient investment ecosystems is critical to enable sustained deal-making opportunities. This aligns closely with USAID’s priorities of addressing economic headwinds and promoting inclusive economic growth.
Two men and 1 woman sit around a table and write something.

Filling in the Gaps: Generating Evidence through Applied Research Investments

Jennifer Simpson | Nahro Matti | Katie Taylor
November 28, 2023
4 Minute Read
Chemonics’ Evidence & Learning for Scale (E&L4S) Awards seek to address USAID’s Learning Agenda questions through applied research. As the awarded proposals near the end of their study period, here is what we have learned so far.