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Group of people post with an oversized "letter to justice" written in Spanish

Supporting Access to Justice for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Ana María Iannini Uribe
December 5, 2022
4 Minute Read
By working with local organizations and judicial institutions in Colombia, we supported the improvement of access to justice for survivors of gender-based violence.
Several people posing for a group photo.

What Is People-Centered Justice Programming and Why Does it Matter To You?

Rebecca Duke | Linda Eriksson
February 24, 2022
4 Minute Read
Chemonics’ Democracy and Governance Practice analyzed information from five Chemonics-implemented USAID projects on how global colleagues understand and operationalize people-centered justice (PCJ) in different contexts.
A professional headshot of Karina Perez.

Development Works Here with Karina Perez Jvostova

Karina Perez Jvostova
November 24, 2021
< 1 Minute Read
Development works here because great people work here. We’re excited to introduce you to our team.
women riding on motorbike

Combatting Human Trafficking During COVID-19

Heather Goldsmith
January 27, 2021
5 Minute Read
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased opportunities for human traffickers to exploit people with limited financial means. Based on her work in Myanmar, Heather Goldsmith suggests how development partners can adapt their approaches to educational outreach on combatting trafficking to vulnerable communities.
A group of people speaking to a security guard.

The Work You May Not Know You’re Doing and How To Do It Better

Heather Seeley
June 30, 2020
5 Minute Read
Stacia George and Heather Seeley explore why security sector reform is key to every development project, how you may be enacting reform without knowing it, and how to do more to integrate best practices into your project for more effective and just security sector wherever you work.
Image of a paved city center with several people painting large portraits that are leaning against a gazebo.

A New Solution for Advancing Criminal Justice in Latin America

Ariana Szepesi-Colmenares
June 13, 2019
4 Minute Read
The impact investing model Pay for Success (PFS) has gained traction in the United States to support criminal justice-oriented programs. Ariana Szepesi-Colmenares asks: Shouldn’t the development community look more closely at PFS’ potential to achieve results in Latin America, too?
Image of a spanish-style building with reddish-pink tiled awnings overlapping a brick building beside it. "CASA COMUNITARIA DE JUSTICE" is displayed prominently at the top of the building.

3 Questions with Paola Pelletier: Justice for the Most Vulnerable in the Dominican Republic

Paola Pelletier
November 8, 2016
3 Minute Read
Paola Pelletier discusses fostering an effective justice system, including being inclusive of vulnerable groups and reaching geographically remote areas.
Image of a judge's gavel sitting beside a gold-plated scale.

3 Questions with Rosa Jimenez: Prosecuting Criminals in the Dominican Republic

Rosa Jimenez
July 5, 2016
2 Minute Read
The Dominican Republic has one of the highest crime rates in the Caribbean. In this post, Rosa Jimenez discusses how the justice system can improve its ability to prosecute criminals.
A group of people smiling and laughing as a man points at a monitor mounted on a hallway wall.

Democracy and Governance: Measuring for Success

David Anderson
October 29, 2014
3 Minute Read
Working with Indonesia’s Supreme Court and Attorney General’s Office, the Changes for Justice project is promoting transparency and accountability within the justice system.