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Global Practice Lead, Democracy and Governance Practice Management Team Tomas Bridle

Tomas Bridle has more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing democracy and governance projects world-wide. Tomas is joining the DG Practice from USAID where he served as the Senior Advisor at the Center of Excellence for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG). Here he provided support to USAID missions on program design, country cooperation and development strategy, program budgeting, technical evaluation and selection committees, and the development of program indicators. At DRG, Tomas also supported designs and implementation of programs in anti-corruption and accountability, elections, civil society engagement, gender and youth policies, political economy assessments, political reform, legislative capacity, and support to municipal and local governments. He authored the USAID Policy on Legislative Strengthening and subsequently supported program designs on budget oversight, transparency and accountability for USAID missions in Serbia, Ukraine, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. He has co-chaired a high-profile agency working group on Financing Self-Reliance that established policy and program guidance on new USAID policies to support ending dependency on foreign assistance and coordinated across USAID bureaus, interagency and development community. Tomas has also held roles as chief of party and deputy chief of party of legislative strengthening projects in Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan with DAI. There, he demonstrated exceptional leadership and technical depth in delivery of tailored capacity development interventions that strengthened the performance of members of parliament, parliamentary staff and improved oversight functions of civil society. Tomas holds an MA in International Affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, New York, NY.

by Tomas Bridle

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