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Senior Practice Specialist, Democracy and Governance Lejla Kolenovic Ismail

Lejla Kolenovic Ismail is a senior practice specialist in Chemonics’ democracy and governance practice. She specializes in anti-corruption and governance programming and research. Lejla has more than fifteen years of experience designing and implementing democracy and governance programs, primarily in the Western Balkans. Prior to joining Chemonics, she served as a contracting officer’s representative on diversity and governance projects for the project “USAID Kosovo,” as decentralization and minority rights policy officer for the EU special representative and IDP/refugee outreach office for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo. She holds a B.A. in political science, international law and diplomacy from the University of Business and Technology in Pristina, Kosovo.

by Lejla Kolenovic Ismail

What’s Trending in the Rule of Law Sector

Instead of organizing events around report outs from projects, what if we started with a bold proposition: What could we do this year that would really help produce new insights and innovations in rule of law, citizen security, and transitional justice projects around the world, especially implementing an approach that puts people and their needs…

Rooting Out Systemic Corruption in Latin America Through Partnership

This blog was originally published by Foreign Policy magazine.  Corrupt governance systems are a threat to democracy. They deprive people of much-needed public resources and services, weaken trust in institutions, distort decision-making in the interest of the few, and lead to deep citizen disengagement and apathy. Moreover, corruption disproportionately impacts groups that already tend to hold…