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3 Questions with Chris Perine on Climate Solutions for a Changing Planet

Christopher Perine
August 27, 2021
< 1 Minute Read

What priorities should the global development community focus on to combat the climate crisis? Chris Perine shares three ideas in this video series.

Combating Climate Change with Data-Driven Development

July 9, 2021
2 Minute Read

This article, originally published in Foreign Policy, explores how leading edge data tools will shape the future of climate change-resistant development projects.

Climate-Smart Agriculture Means Changing Policies, Not Just Changing Techniques

Lyndsey Romick | Lark Walters
June 6, 2017
4 Minute Read

With approximately 1 billion more people to feed by 2030, farmers and governments are turning to climate-smart approaches in the face of uncertainty.

Building a Stronger Business Case for Resiliency Planning in Asia

Verone Bernard
May 1, 2017
4 Minute Read

Many businesses want to build greener supply chains, but may lack the financing and knowledge to turn that goal into reality. Can development implementers fill the gap?

3 Questions with Mario Kerby: A Voyage Through the Watershed

Mario Kerby
January 26, 2017
4 Minute Read

Mario Kerby shares lessons learned from a large project in Haiti, including how to use Google Earth to get buy-in from farmers and what cook stoves have to do with agroforestry.

3 Questions with Robert Anyang: Feeding the Next Generation in Uganda

Robert Anyang
December 22, 2016
3 Minute Read

Robert Anyang discusses Uganda’s aging farming population, leveraging private sector investments, and the importance of local ownership.

3 Questions with Patrick Rader on Climate-Smart Agriculture

Patrick Rader
December 2, 2015
3 Minute Read

The Uganda Feed the Future Commodity Production and Marketing Activity is helping smallholder farmers adapt to climate change.