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A group of people gathered for a group picture at the Tamasok programme's launch event.

Chemonics UK Selected to Further the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Jordan

February 26, 2024
2 Minute Read
The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has chosen Chemonics UK as the implementing partner to deliver Tamasok, its new project focusing on Women, Peace and Security System Strengthening in Jordan.

Best of the Blog 2023

January 2, 2024
2 Minute Read
In 2023, Chemonics’ blog readers showed interest in deepening inclusivity in development and strengthening the vital systems all communities need, including health, water security, and education.
Clinic staff practice facilitating group meetings during a Surjer Hashi Health Group training session in Bangladesh

Navigating the Global Mental Health Crisis: Using Trauma-Informed Approaches for Development Practitioners

Nada Raslan
December 14, 2023
5 Minute Read
Chemonics International’s Trauma-Informed Approaches Toolkit acknowledges the pervasive effects of trauma and equips professionals with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to create more sustainable, equitable, and impactful development initiatives.
Iraqi youth work to remove waste around a reeds-made animal shelter in the Iraqi marshlands.

Leveraging Climate Action to Address Sources of Instability in Iraq

Wud Salam | Saeed Uri
December 12, 2023
5 Minute Read
Iraq is witnessing climate-driven displacement and conflict due to competition over resources in more water-scarce parts of the country.
A view across the desert in Sudan, with four people riding camels in the foreground and the Pyramids of Meroë in the background

Applying the ‘Do No Harm’ Principle Through Informed Consent

Evis Farka Haake
November 21, 2023
3 Minute Read
Here are our recommendations on how to apply informed consent in complex environments, such as fragile and conflict-affected settings.
education school computer network technology concept illustration

How a Global Video Challenge Inspires Collaboration and Learning

Sevag Ohanian
November 9, 2023
5 Minute Read
Chemonics’ Global MEL Video Challenge, an innovative initiative that fosters learning through annual video submissions, provides a platform for global teams to learn from each other.
Two Participants at the Integrate Center in Cartagena, Colombia, face the camera and give a thumbs up.

Shifting the Migration Narrative: From Fragility to Resiliency and (Re)Integration

Ariana Szepesi-Colmenares | Catalina Andazola
October 11, 2023
5 Minute Read
Looking ahead towards migrant (re)integration and the steps needed to change the Central American narrative surrounding migrant's fragility.
A man and a woman posing on a busy street.

News: Chemonics Project Selected as 2023 CLA Case Competition Winner

October 4, 2023
2 Minute Read
In Colombia, we are using a collaborative, systems-based approach to support the integration of Venezuelan migrants.