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The War in Ukraine and the Future of Global Food Security

Garron Hansen | Tetyana Dudka
November 22, 2022
2 Minute Read
What bold choices and scalable changes can we make to potentially meet the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 2: End Hunger? Today’s lessons from Ukraine and worldwide shed light on our global dual reality: There is hope — and the stakes have never been higher.
Group of people in a hallway in front of a sign that says "Integrate" with a picture of the Colombian flag.

Learning from Colombia’s Inclusive Approach to Migration

Molly Burns | Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias | Juan Barco
October 20, 2022
5 Minute Read
By recognizing and supporting the idea that migration represents a significant opportunity for societal strengthening, the Government of Colombia is making strides in migrant integration.
Men and women sit at a table during a USAID briefing, listening to a speaker.

Why Conflict Analysis Matters for Economic Development

Bianca S Auriemo
August 15, 2022
4 Minute Read
In fragile and conflict-affected areas, promoting effective economic growth is impossible without a thorough understanding of local conflict dynamics. Without this, programs risk causing more harm.

Rethinking the Relationship Between Security and Development

Hannah Jackson
August 11, 2022
6 Minute Read
How do development practitioners and their security colleagues curb perceptions that security and technical experts have two seemingly disparate goals?

A Conversation with Anna Slother on Staff Care and Wellness in Conflict and Crisis

Anna Slother
June 8, 2022
5 Minute Read
Let's have a conversation with Chemonics' Executive Vice President Anna Slother about leading crisis responses in development, supporting and learning from colleagues in Ukraine and worldwide, and fostering a culture of staff wellness.

News: Chemonics Names Catherine Kannam as the Company’s First Chief Operating Officer

March 16, 2022
2 Minute Read
New Chief Operating Officer Catherine Kannam brings a wealth of knowledge to the newly developed role from her 15 years of international development experience, including 11 years with Chemonics.
Overhead shot of circular farms in South Africa

How Careful Use of Technology Can Guide Climate-Sensitive Peacebuilding

Abigail Corey
January 27, 2022
5 Minute Read
Reducing violent conflict and battling the effects of climate change are significant challenges in and of themselves. Technology allows us to better analyze both issues by helping us determine where they intersect and exacerbate one another, untangling their driving factors and enabling us to develop smart solutions.
Congolese men dressed in blue stand holding a sign asking for peace

3 Questions with Jaclyn Grace on Engaging Elites to Resolve Conflict

Jaclyn Grace
April 27, 2021
4 Minute Read
Engaging local power brokers in peace efforts requires a systematic and nuanced understanding of local leaders’ spheres of influence.

What Does a Systems Approach to Conflict Prevention Look Like?

Sahar Tabaja | Ahmed Al Khameri | Vieshnavi Rattehalli
February 23, 2021
5 Minute Read
If done right, a systems approach to conflict prevention can be powerful. But what does a systems approach mean in practice, and how might it be used in all stages of a project cycle?