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Getting to (2+6): A Toolkit for Responsive Numeracy Programs .

Toolkit | June 10, 2021

This toolkit provides education technicians and program leads with resources to effectively design and implement quality, inclusive numeracy programs.

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Numeracy—or the ability to use, interpret, and communicate mathematical information—is critical to a child’s education. Children who master mathematical principles are often better able to navigate the world, prepared with strong foundations in science, technology, engineering, and beyond. Dispelling the myth that only select students can succeed in math and numeracy, we believe that every learner can become numerate when educators, students, and implementers are equipped with the right resources and tools. This toolkit provides a framework and resources on how to best serve local partners in the design of efficient and effective numeracy programs for young learners. With instructional models and teaching techniques for responsive, inclusive instruction through practical application of core elements of Universal Design for Learning, the toolkit offers methods to support and include all learners in the classroom.