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Teaching Learning Circles .

Technical Brief | October 31, 2017

Image of a document titled "Teacher Learning Circles: A Locally Owned Complement to Coaching."

Teacher Learning Circles are small teacher communities, in Georgia, that learn from and support one another, with the ultimate aim of improving student learning outcomes. The groups reflect on current teaching practices and seek ways to enhance their instructional effectiveness.

Teacher Learning Circles (TLCs) serves as a promising addition to the existing coaching model in Georgia, by addressing the fundamental problems of price and a lack of local ownership. The Georgia Primary Education Project (G-PriEd) has put this model to the test by using TLCs in its programming. The learning circles have already positively impacted teachers’ instructional practices in the short-term and are poised to continue doing so for the long-term, thanks to the TLC model’s low cost and high local ownership.