Accelerating Investment in Sri Lanka’s Future.

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Supporting Accelerated Investment in Sri Lanka Project

Project Dates: November 2016 - December 2020
Weak governmental and business systems have consistently placed Sri Lanka at the bottom of many of the World Bank’s Doing Business indicators and limited foreign investment in the country.

Although the Sri Lankan government pursued reforms to modernize the country’s business environment after the 2015 presidential election, past administrations’ weak systems and processes hindered these efforts. The USAID Supporting Accelerated Investment in Sri Lanka (SAIL) project, with Chemonics as a subcontracted partner, is collaborating with the national government to develop a regulatory environment that is fair for business and encourages foreign direct investment (FDI). Working with the national government to enact economic reform will help improve the country’s World Bank Doing Business indicators and contribute to the steady increase of FDI in Sri Lanka in the years to come.

Project Goals

  • Work alongside government institutions to improve regulations that affect businesses and FDI
  • Streamline common processes, such as those related to registration, land rights, and contract enforcement
  • Collaborate with government officials to develop and enact policy that will create a more attractive environment for foreign investors