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News: Chemonics Employees Support Colleagues and Recovery Efforts in Haiti

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In the wake of the devestating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Chemonics’ employees, board, and friends of the company are generously supporting empployees affected by the earthquake.

Employees and friends of the company have contributed more than $10,000 to the company’s Haiti Staff Fund, which was created to support employees who were affected by the earthquake. These contributions are in addition to a $15,000 seed donation by Chemonics’ board of directors to the Staff Fund.

In addition, employees have contributed more than $18,000 for Haiti relief funds for non-profit organizations. The company is matching all employee contributions to non-profit organizations up to $35,000, for a total commitment of $50,000. Thanks to contributions to the Haiti Staff Fund, local Chemonics employees have received direct financial support to assist with their personal needs. Many local staff lost their homes and loved ones in the earthquake.

Chemonics President and CEO Richard Dreiman said employee efforts to help their colleagues were not surprising. “Our employees care deeply about each other and, from the moment the earthquake happened, they were asking how they could help,” Dreiman said. “While our employees in Haiti are making their own personal recoveries, they are working tirelessly to advance the projects they care so much about.”

In partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development, Chemonics is supporting the Haitian government’s efforts to strengthen food security, protect the environment, and provide jobs and recovery assistance. More information about USAID’s work in Haiti can be found here: www.usaid.gov/haiti/.