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News: Chemonics Setting Science-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets

January 31, 2023
2 Minute Read

Chemonics announces its commitment to set company-wide emission reductions in line with climate science with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Group of people post with an oversized "letter to justice" written in Spanish

Supporting Access to Justice for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Ana María Iannini Uribe
December 5, 2022
4 Minute Read

By working with local organizations and judicial institutions in Colombia, we supported the improvement of access to justice for survivors of gender-based violence.

Group of people in a hallway in front of a sign that says "Integrate" with a picture of the Colombian flag.

Learning from Colombia’s Inclusive Approach to Migration

Molly Burns | Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias | Juan Barco
October 20, 2022
5 Minute Read

By recognizing and supporting the idea that migration represents a significant opportunity for societal strengthening, the Government of Colombia is making strides in migrant integration.

A woman in a store in the Philippines holds up a sign advertising mobile payments

Making Central Bank Digital Currencies Work for Development

Daniel Kim | Eugénie Lund-Simon
October 7, 2022
5 Minute Read

Digital currencies have the potential to make a lasting impact on global development by being more inclusive and secure.

Group of women work on crafts in a field in Colombia

How to Promote Meaningful Partnerships with Indigenous Peoples

Carlos Flores | Nataly Cruz-Castillo
August 26, 2022
5 Minute Read

Development priorities from donors and implementing partners have not always aligned with the priorities of Indigenous peoples. By adapting our approaches and promoting meaningful partnerships, we can achieve sustainable development that meets the needs of these communities.

Rethinking the Relationship Between Security and Development

Hannah Jackson
August 11, 2022
6 Minute Read

How do development practitioners and their security colleagues curb perceptions that security and technical experts have two seemingly disparate goals?

Group of young people standing on the street looking up at camera

Cross-Sectoral Analysis Reveals Hidden Links to Youth Development

Ashley Hill | Katherine Centore | Andree’ Omoregbee
June 30, 2022
3 Minute Read

With the largest youth population in history at 2.4 billion, engaging young people in international development programming is critical in shaping their communities and the world.

Creativity and Innovation Can Save the Day

Lauren Behr
April 21, 2022
5 Minute Read

Innovation & Investment Senior Advisor Lauren Behr discusses the urgency for innovation and the difficulty of scaling it to respond to today’s challenges on this World Creativity & Innovation Day.