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Deputy Chief of Party, Mexico Human Rights Accountability Activity Patricio Toussaint

Patricio has eight years of experience working in human rights and development in Mexico, including more than two and a half years serving as grants manager on the EnfoqueDH Program where he subsequently was promoted to chief of party. In this role, he managed this $11.1 million USAID cooperative agreement and its $2.6 million grants fund. He is well versed in USAID grants management policies and regulations and is thoroughly knowledgeable in Chemonics’ internal quality-based grants management processes and procedures. His finance and budgeting acumen, aptitude for strategic design, and ability to develop activities and grant concepts, enabled him to achieve key results. Throughout his work, he has demonstrated strong leadership, blending his management expertise with a mastery of soft management skills to achieve results. Patricio holds a Master’s degree in public policy from King’s College London, and a Master’s degree international and European politics from the University of Edinburgh.

by Patricio Toussaint

Harnessing Technology to Address Gross Human Rights Violations

For the past decade, Mexico has faced a serious human rights crisis. More than 35,000 people have gone missing since 2006, their whereabouts still unknown. The National Commission of Human Rights has documented several alarming, unlawful killings of civilians by Mexican security forces without any authorities being charged. And torture continues to be a common…