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Chief of Party, Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Activity Tatiana Ramos Maza

Tatiana Ramos Maza is the chief of party of Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Activity (ARCO). She is an international development leader with over 30 years of experience managing sustainable development projects. She joined Chemonics in September 2022 to lead ARCO, an alliance between USAID and the International Development Agency of the Government of Mexico (AMEXCID) in their efforts to eradicate irregular migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras through youth workforce development and sustainable agriculture market-driven solutions. Before joining Chemonics, Tatiana was vice president of Conservation International Mexico where she led the growth and consolidation of the program for 11 years. Tatiana has also served as vice president for tourism and corporate social responsibility for NewLink Corp. Previously, she founded TDI Corporation in Washington, D.C., which specialized in sustainable tourism development. Tatiana served as regional coordinator for Central America for the Sustainable Tourism for Poverty Alleviation Initiative of the UN World Tourism Organization and held several positions in the Mexican Ministry of Tourism. Tatiana holds a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University.

by Tatiana Ramos Maza

Addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Migration from Central America

Every day, people from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras leave their homes to embark on a perilous journey through Mexico to the United States, driven by both a lack of employment opportunities and the impacts of climate change. To address the root causes of irregular migration stemming from the region, the United States and Mexican…