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A calculator sits on a table on top of green-colored pie-charts and coins.

Enabling Net Zero Markets: Greening Public Financial Management

Daniel Kim
December 20, 2022
< 1 Minute Read
A nation’s ability to mobilize resources to combat and cope with climate change is primarily constrained by its resources and financial capacity, which vary dramatically across developing contexts.
A man assessing and accounting for shipping containers in a storage yard in Johannesburg South Africa. He is wearing a reflective vest and a face mask.

Building Back Better Through Trade

Lisa Ruch |
January 18, 2021
3 Minute Read
Balancing ethical concerns with a demand-led approach to trading relationships can transform fragile value chains into resilient market systems that pay out for emerging and developed economies as well as suppliers and buyers.
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How Do We Leapfrog the Status Quo in Trade?

Frenki Kozeli
March 6, 2018
4 Minute Read
Technology has the potential to reshape the way we do international trade. Three trends in trade facilitation and customs are providing opportunities for the development community to shake things up and implement real reform.
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News: Chemonics Helps Foster Economic Opportunity at the India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show

September 27, 2017
2 Minute Read
At the Passage to Prosperity: India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show, exporters and investors come together to establish productive business relationships, broker deals, and strengthen the region’s overall economy.
A graphic showing several octagons connected by lines on a teal background.

News: Chemonics’ E-Payment Activities in Afghanistan

September 25, 2017
3 Minute Read
Chemonics debunks myths and shows progress implementing an e-payment system to improve the business climate in Afghanistan.
A woman kneeling in front of a wall holding a scale in her right hand and reaching for tomatoes in a red basket with her left hand.

Research and Action to Promote Regional Trade in South Asia

Christy Sisko
August 16, 2016
3 Minute Read
Christy Sisko highlights key findings from research into current trade barriers in South Asia.
Image of a dock with a large shipping container being loaded onto a trading vessel by a blue crane.

What Could the Trans-Pacific Partnership Mean for International Development?

Frenki Kozeli
April 28, 2016
3 Minute Read
Frenki Kozeli explores the potential implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnerships on global development and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Several people sitting across from one another at a long table representing countries indicated by placards beside their seats, including "Russian Federation," "United States," and "Azerbaijan," among others.

6 Ways to Make Free Trade Work for Developing Countries

Christy Sisko | David Fischer
February 2, 2016
3 Minute Read
World Trade Organization delegates meet to discuss Afghanistan's bid for accession. In this post, David Fischer and Christy Sisko explain how free trade can benefit developing countries.