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Showcasing Commitment to Moldova’s IT Sector .

Project Success Story | December 30, 2015

The USAID Moldova CEED (2005-2010) and CEED II (2010-2015) programs have helped grow and expand the competitiveness and efficiency of key industries leading to increased sales and investment. This two-pager features the project’s work relevant to the information technology (IT) sector.

Moldova’s IT sector has been seen as a catalyst for economic development with opportunity for quick growth, but assistance was needed. The sector suffered from poor infrastructure, an inexperienced labor force, and was in need of improvements to management practices. USAID’s CEED and CEED II activities have shown that the more Moldova invests in its IT sector, the more it provides youth with increased employment opportunities, supports the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, and creates export opportunities for the country. Growth of the IT sector will continue to mean growth for the Moldovan economy.