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Learning from Inclusive Service Design for Migration Service Centers in Colombia .

Paper | February 15, 2024

Cover of the Proof of Concept

One-stop-shop migration service centers in Colombia serve as a model for other countries with high levels of migration in Latin America and around the world.

Mass migration can lead to population growth that outsizes social service capacity, challenging service providers, migrants, and receptor communities to maintain livelihoods and social cohesion under these new circumstances. As part of its support, USAID/ Colombia’s Venezuela Response and Integration (VRI) Activity and its task orders Integra and Opportunities without Borders help stakeholders address these service challenges.

This proof of concept focuses on Integra and its partners’ experience consolidating social services into one-stop-shop centers. By making services more accessible in communities facing high levels of migration, Intégrate centers strengthen livelihoods, integration, and social cohesion. Rigorous co-creation and coordination are the backbone of the centers’ success — leveraging the skills, assets, and influence of public, private, civil society, and international allies across layers of Colombia’s migration ecosystem.