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Mapping Success in Cameroon – Effective Distribution of Seasonal Malaria Commodities .

Technical Brief | October 14, 2020

GHSC-PSM worked with the National Malaria Control Program in Cameroon to develop a strategy for transporting and delivering seasonal malaria chemo-prevention commodities to health facilities in very remote areas where road access is difficult.

Reducing morbidity and mortality caused by malaria remains a major challenge for the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health. In Cameroon, health data is frequently incomplete or arrives at the district level very late. Additionally, there are also difficulties with storage, inventory, and transportation from regional to health facility levels. GHSC-PSM supported the country’s National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) in developing a strategy for transporting and delivering SMC commodities to health facilities. GHSC-PSM installed GIS systems to track and guarantee last-mile deliveries in Cameroon. The combination of GIS and tracking tool were used to monitor and confirm last-mile delivery to all 487 health facilities during the campaign, which led to more than 1.6 million children in the Far North and North regions of Cameroon receiving malaria commodities. The campaign was recognized as a great success in helping Cameroon’s NMCP and northern region reduce mortality due to malaria. The Cameroonian government’s commitment to putting together financial, human, and local resources was a key factor for success.