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2022 Forum on New Approaches to Countering Corruption Across Sectors .

Event | November 30, 2022

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From November 30 - December 1, 2022, Chemonics convened key stakeholders across sectors to raise awareness of the human cost of corruption, share challenges and best practices to overcome corruption, and identify opportunities for further collaboration and research.

This virtual Forum brought together development practitioners, donors, and academics working to overcome the obstacles to sustainable progress created by corrupt practices and institutions to varying degrees in every country and every sector of development where USAID, Chemonics, and our partners around the world are pushing for meaningful changes that improve people’s lives. We used the Remo.co virtual conference platform to maximize the opportunities for engagement and interaction across the audience, speakers, and event organizers.

One of the main inspirations for this Forum was the work being done by USAID’s Anti-Corruption Task Force to develop these new approaches to countering corruption. Here are some resources on USAID’s new approach to anti-corruption:

A highlight of the Forum was a panel discussion co-hosted by Chemonics and Foreign Policy magazine at their annual Her Power Summit.

Please find the full agenda and speaker bios linked below.