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Promoting Private Sector Employment in Lebanon .

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Middle East and North Africa

Lebanon Enterprise Development

Project Dates: October 2017 - September 2022
A stronger business environment for private enterprises in Lebanon will help increase employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens.

One of the major challenges facing the Lebanese economy is job creation, particularly for youth, university graduates, and women. Private sector job opportunities have not kept pace with the growing number of Lebanese citizens looking for work. To generate private sector employment, USAID’s Lebanon Enterprise Development project helps enterprises expand their activities; increase sales; and in turn, create jobs. As the project fosters growth for Lebanese enterprises, these private sector firms will become more competitive, generate greater demand for their products and services, and continue to expand their workforce as they grow.

Project Goals

  • Create jobs by increasing Lebanese client firms’ competitiveness and enhancing their growth
  • Improve Lebanon’s business enabling environment
  • Communicate results and project knowledge through outreach to the public and private sectors