Best of the Blog 2022

From innovation and inclusion to supply chain management, 2022’s top posts reflected the year’s hot topics.

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Art on Canvas: Pierre-Antoine Goho

Chemonics commissioned local DC artist Pierre-Antoine Goho to create an original work of art for our new Chemonics-Washington office.

Art Installations at Chemonics-Washington

Hear from Chemonics President and CEO Jamey Butcher, Senior DE&I Director Kenya Dugger, and Senior Specialist for Community Engagement Paris Rossiter, as well as the artists.

Enabling Net Zero Markets: Greening Public Financial Management

A nation’s ability to mobilize resources to combat and cope with climate change is primarily constrained by its resources and financial capacity, which vary dramatically across developing contexts.

Blog Post

Thinking and Working Politically

Over the past several years, Chemonics International has championed the integration of evidence-based technical solutions with politically savvy approaches grounded in deep contextual analysis to achieve better and more sustainable development outcomes around the world. From…

Technical Area

Global TWP Trends – Chemonics International TWP Summit

Alina Rocha Menocal, Principal Research Fellow in the Politics and Governance Program at ODI and Director of the global Thinking and Working Politically Community of Practice discusses the key trends in TWP for both USAID and FCDO.