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News: Chemonics and Howard University Launch Pharmacy Practice Fellowship

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The new Pharmacy Practice Fellowship can diversify the talent pool of pharmaceutical professionals and help improve pharmaceutical management around the world.

Chemonics International, one of the world’s largest international development companies, and Howard University, a leading institution for educating professionals in health, science, engineering, and more, are proud to announce the launch of the joint Pharmacy Practice Fellowship. The fellowship, which will commence in July 2021, complements Chemonics’ and Howard’s ongoing collaboration with the College of Pharmacy’s Pharmaceutical Care and Continuing Education Center to improve pharmaceutical management globally.

Howard University’s College of Pharmacy (HUCOP) strives to be a preeminent university in teaching, learning, research, leadership, practice, and service locally and globally. Its student body represents more than 30 countries and more than 25 U.S. states. Chemonics has worked with the private sector for 46 years and has long believed that collaboration is essential to achieving inclusive growth and sustainability. In our global health supply chain management work, we have seen the value of partnerships to solve intractable supply chain challenges.

This is an exciting and novel opportunity for pharmacists to learn and contribute to global health work and expand our scope of practice. The chosen fellow will have an incredibly unique and valued skill set upon completion of this fellowship, and we are really looking forward to the impact they will be able to make in their future career on the health and well-being of international populations.

Miranda Law, Clinical Assistant Professor, Howard University College of Pharmacy

Proper pharmaceutical systems management is necessary for high-quality health care and achievement of optimal health outcomes. Without strong pharmaceutical systems, including established governance and leadership, effective regulatory systems, and product and resource optimization, multiple aspects of the health supply chain can be affected. Furthermore, a strong pharmaceutical system helps to enable positive health outcomes with the provision of quality-assured commodities and services that promote rational product use and protect patient safety. Chemonics’ focus on pharmaceutical management is a key component of our global health supply chain work, and we are excited to partner with HUCOP on this initiative.

“Chemonics’ and Howard’s shared values of excellence, service, and trust are key components to this growing partnership. We are excited to take this step together and further our joint vision of improving pharmaceutical management and access to medicines across the globe,” said Chemonics’ President and Chief Executive Officer Jamey Butcher.

The chosen fellow will work with Chemonics’ global health supply chain experts, fostering innovation by researching and documenting technical solutions, advancing pharmaceutical best practices, and strengthening supply chain systems to improve health outcomes throughout our projects worldwide.